Bringing life and connection to your business.


Capturing the spirit of your company's brand.


Putting the spotlight on goods and services.


Showing the face behind the business.


Inviting viewers to celebrate with you.


There's So Much to Be Seen!

Do your customers see why they should choose you?


Visual media doesn't stop at graphic design.  Photos are great for social media platforms, print ads, and basically anywhere the photo will fit.  Videos perform well on social media, and can help you establish a connection when used in commercials or as standalone videos.


Our professional team will guide you through shoots, edit the footage, and get completed photos and videos back to you quickly while still taking care to ensure you're getting the best photos and videos available.


We help you show your business to the world.

Photo & Video - Things to Know


For both photo and video, an itenerary will be drawn up to ensure all parties are aware of timing and location.  Scripts can be written for videos for an additional fee.

File Delivery

Photos and videos will be digitally submitted in their basic formats - Jpeg for photos and MP4 for videos.  Other formats may be available upon request.

Session Length

Sessions are available by hour and begin when our photo/video person arrives on site.  More time can be added to a shoot-in-progress for an additional fee.

Portfolio Use

Unless a reasonable request to not use your footage is accepted, we reserve the right to use your photos and videos in promotions for our company and in our portfolio.


All photos and videos will be edited before being submitted to you.  Commercials will be built and edited before submission, though the clips used will not be included.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

We cannot shoot unauthorized copyrighted material, use unauthorized footage, or permit those under the age of 18 to be in a shoot without parental consent.

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