Your message should be loud and clear.

Consistent branding in every marketing channel can increase revenue up to

Your Company Has a Voice.

Can your customers recognize your business?


It's more important than ever before that your customers easily know who you are and what you're about, even if they only see your logo or hear your slogan.  A business without its own voice, story, and visual elements gets lost in a country where over 1,700 new businesses open each day.


When we build a brand identity for your company, we're not just looking for instant recognition.  Your brand should be something that creates repeat customers and reaches across generations for years to come.


We'll help you build and amplify your brand.


Building Your Brand

What does it take to properly build your brand?  While there are many considerations to be made, building a brand identity can be condensed into three categories.  We will use these to help you create a cohesive voice and look for your company that is not only attractive, but meaningful to both you and your customers.



Customers appreciate knowing the history of a company, and can sometimes even form an emotional connection with a business because of how it began.  So why do you do what you do?  How did you get to where you are today?  What leads you to continue working towards more success with your company?



Using your story, you can then spread your business's message.  This is a huge part of any brand and can help you better show your customers why you care so much about what you're doing.  Do your customers understand how you're helping them in their life?  Are they impacted by your company?



The colors and fonts that you choose should be consistent, as should your choice of logo.  That means that everything from your website to your business cards should all feel like they come from the same place.  Do you have a style picked out?  Have you incorporated a theme into your look?

What if I'm Rebranding?


Rebranding Doesn't Have to Mean Starting Over.

If you feel that it's time to pull a full rebrand on your company, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to scrap everything about your current branding.


We can help you keep the cohesive style you've built over time while still showing a new face to your customers.  You'll be able to retain your previous client base while opening yourself up to more opportunities, without losing out on the reputation and rapport gained by the old brand.


Another important element of rebranding is that it can take time to properly accomplish.  At Smoky Mountain Consulting, we stretch rebranding over a series of weeks or months to ensure that you don't lose recognition during the change.  

Are you ready to build your brand?