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About Us

We're Passionate About Small Business

Smoky Mountain Consulting Group combines business development with marketing and creative strategies to give small business owners access to a variety of necessary services.  Our clients become partners in the endeavor to grow their companies and not only meet their goals, but exceed them.

Much like the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," it takes a hard core of dedicated individuals to build a successful business.  Working hand in hand with you, we can make your business successful not only in its financial growth, but also in its value to the community.

Mark Patterson


As a business owner himself, Mark is familiar with small business successes and difficulties.  He is the 3rd generation owner of Pattersons Home Appliance Center, and has kept his family's legacy intact while increasing the company's market share and growing its overall integrity.

Mark's experiences in business growth and development inspired him to start Smoky Mountain Consulting Group.  With his knowledge and expertise, Mark can help other small business owners to grow their businesses by recognizing opportunities, overcoming weaknesses, and optimizing their strengths.   

Sarah Jones


In the marketing and creative industry since 2009, Sarah has worked with a variety of product- and service-based businesses to improve their business and advertising strategies.

Sarah is familiar with the research and development needed to assess a business's marketing goals, implement marketing strategies, and review the actual results of marketing activities.  She also provides a range of creative services including photography, videography, graphic design, and more.

You can view Sarah's work in our online portfolio.

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